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The Surprise
"There's gotta be more beer in here somewhere," muttered Cody, hunched over as he scanned the contents of the small, stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen. "Doesn't look like it," sighed Dylan, Cody's best friend and roommate, from the couch. The two of them had been close since high school, where they both joined the varsity football team in ninth grade. Now, six years later, they were both juniors at the same college in the Midwest, where they shared an off-campus apartment. "Just go buy more," suggested Dylan, who was playing a game on his phone, not listening to the local news playing on the television in front of him. Cody let out a disgruntled groan at this suggestion, and Dylan rolled his eyes. Dylan had always been more mature and responsible, and found Cody's childish personality a bit grating at times. After a few more seconds of looking, Cody let out a defeated sigh and finally shut the refrigerator door. "I guess I'm gonna have to. Wanna come with?" he asked Dylan. "Sure," Dylan replied, shrugging. He put his phone back in his jeans pocket and stood up. "It's not like we've got anything else to do," he said moodily. Today was the start of spring break, and most of their fellow students had gone somewhere warmer to vacation beach-side. The few students who stayed behind had nothing fun to do in the sleepy little college town, and Dylan and Cody, both of whom could not afford to travel anywhere fun, were reluctantly among them. Dylan pulled on a hoodie and sauntered over to the front door, where he leaned against the wall and waited as Cody searched for his car keys. While waiting, he spotted his reflection in the large mirror mounted on the far wall. Dylan was a tall, strapping young man of 21, with a long but attractive face and short, light brown hair, which he usually wore spiked. He had cool hazel eyes, a thin nose, and a strong, dimpled chin. His ears were a bit large, and his facial hair grew so fast that he had long since given up on being clean-shaven, opting instead to sport a short, stubbly beard. While his baggy clothes currently hid most of it, Dylan's body was just as attractive as his face. In high school, he was incredibly lean and muscular, complete with washboard abs, huge arms. He had tried to keep that same body after starting college, but parties, beer, college food, and the stress of schoolwork were not conducive to maintaining his near-perfect physique. He tried his best to eat healthy and to go to the gym regularly, and he was still quite trim, but his abs were gone, and the muscle definition in his chest and arms had diminished slightly. Dylan's attention shifted away from the mirror and back to Cody, who now had his arm shoved in between two couch cushions, his keys still nowhere in sight. Like Dylan, Cody was tall and 21 years old, though he was younger than Dylan by a few weeks. He had a very boyish face, with a wide, chiseled jaw that enhanced his dreamy smile, bright blue eyes, and fair skin. He had a light dusting of freckles on his nose and the tops of his cheeks, and thick black hair cropped very short to his scalp. Also like Dylan, Cody had had an incredible body in high school, but had softened a bit since starting college. Unlike Dylan, however, Cody had largely neglected his physique after graduating high school. Cody had not worked out in months, and his diet remained relatively healthy only because Dylan would not allow junk food in their apartment. Dylan had not noticed any extreme change in Cody's body, but he was concerned nonetheless. It was getting to the point were Dylan felt he should say something, but he was unsure how to do so tactfully. "Hah!" Cody exclaimed suddenly, pulling his fist out of the couch, the keys jingling in his hand. "Can we go now?" Dylan said, annoyed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Cody replied as he pulled a sweatshirt over his head. The two friends climbed into the beaten up, 2006 black Ford Escape they shared and drove to the heart of the rural Midwestern town, located only two minutes away from their apartment. Cody then pulled into the local liquor store, and he and Dylan walked in. "How many cases should we get?" asked Cody as they walked down the beer aisle slowly, "Two? Three?" "It's spring break, remember? It's just the two of us for a whole week," replied Dylan, "We don't need all that." "Oh please, I could drink a whole case by myself!" bellowed Cody, who seemed to have taken Dylan's words as a challenge, "We should get at least two, one for each of us." "I dunno, man," Dylan began. After a moment's hesitation, he decided that now would be a good time to bring up Cody's unhealthy eating and drinking habits. "Don't you think you should lay off the beer a bit?" Dylan said, trying hard to sound casual. "Whadaya mean?" Cody asked, turning away from the selection of beer to look at his friend. "I mean..." said Dylan, flustered, "well, don't you think you're, kinda, y'know, letting yourself go a bit?" Dylan felt guilt spread through him as he spoke, but Cody's reaction was not one of embarrassment. "What the fuck are you talkin' about, man?" he chuckled, a wide, boyish grin spreading across his face as he patted his (still quite flat) stomach, "I mean, yeah, I've put on some weight since high school, but so have you. That's what happens in college. You really need to lighten up, dude." He then turned back to the beer in front of them, shaking his head. Dylan was not satisfied with Cody's rebuttal, but decided not to start a full-blown argument about it, especially in public. "Fine, let's get two cases then," he muttered grudgingly. Cody paid for the two cases of beer with the same level of excitement as a young child buying two candy bars. Dylan decided it was best to forget about Cody's health for the night, and when they returned to the apartment, he turned their TV back on, and also turned on their Xbox One. "Wanna play some Halo?" Dylan asked Cody, who was already in the kitchen pulling a few beers out of the first cardboard case. "Sure. Want a beer?" Cody asked as he shoved the second case into the fridge. "Sure," Dylan replied. "Just you wait," Cody said eagerly as he tossed a can over to Dylan, "I'll have this whole case gone by the end of the night." "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of," Dylan muttered under his breath. For the next several hours, the two friends drank and played video games. Dylan, forever the more responsible of the two, knew how to handle his alcohol and was very good at keeping a steady buzz without getting too drunk. Cody, on the other hand, impassioned by Dylan's words earlier in the night to drink as much as possible, slammed can after can. After goofing off and trash talking one another, Dylan glanced at the clock on the cable box; it read 3:24 a.m. "Jesus," Dylan exclaimed lazily as he stretched his arms wide, his voice groggy with fatigue, "I think it's time for bed, bro." "Yeh, prolly," Cody slurred. He had pounded 12 cans of beer that night, interspersed with some potato chips. Dylan got up from his spot on the couch and turned off the TV and the gaming console. By the time he had turned back around to face the couch, Cody had already moved from a sitting position to lying on his back, passed out. Dylan, quite thankful that Cody was such a mellow drunk, stared down at his inebriated friend. Cody's mouth hung open slightly as he snored loudly, his chest heaving with each breath. His body looked heavy, sinking into the squashy, tannish cushions of the old, suede couch. Dylan was about to turn and go to his room, when something caught his eye that made him scoff; Cody had become incredibly bloated from the night's drinking, and his blue Tshirt had ridden up slightly, revealing a small, distended paunch. "I knew it," Dylan said softly to himself, shaking his head. It was official: Cody was fat. That great physique he had worked so hard to maintain was gone. At first, Dylan was happy that his suspicions were validated, but then he became annoyed at how lazy his best friend had become. Finally, after searching for the right emotion in his buzzed state, a sneaky little idea popped into his brain. "If you wanna be fat and lazy," Dylan whispered, "then I'm gonna help you out." There, in the dark living room of their apartment, Dylan decided that he would inconspicuously encourage Cody to get as fat as possible until he was forced to admit that Dylan was right all along. That'll show him, Dylan thought. He bent down and rubbed a slow, tender circle into Cody's belly. His cotton t-shirt was soft on Dylan's fingertips, and the belly itself was warm and firm from the bloat. Cody's head jerked slightly, and he let out a small gasp, but immediately went back to snoring, still fast asleep. A smirk spread across Dylan's mouth as he straightened up again and gave one last look at Cody's swollen stomach. "Fatass," he chuckled to himself before turning and going off to bed. ------------------------- Dylan woke up the next morning groggy, but without a hangover. He got out of bed slowly and wandered into the bathroom, where he took a long, warm shower. As he strode into the kitchen forty-five minutes later, dressed in a clean t-shirt and sweatpants with his towel draped over his shoulder, he found Cody standing by the sink, hunched over with a cup of instant coffee in his hands. "Not feelin' too good, huh?" Dylan bellowed in a loud, cheery voice meant to mock his roommate. "Not too bad, actually," croaked Cody, "pretty hungry, though." At that sentence, Dylan's memories of the night before came whirling back to him, and he remembered his plan. "Me too," he lied, thinking fast, "let's get something to eat. How about Tom's?" Cody perked up at this sudden suggestion. "Tom's?" he exclaimed, "You never wanna go to Tom's," Big Tom's Diner was a local restaurant known for its incredibly tasty (and incredibly fattening) food. "I got a hankering for it I guess," Dylan replied swiftly, his brain working fast with an eagerness to put his plan in motion. Dylan had always tried to avoid eating at the diner due to all the unhealthy food, but he figured he would have to make a few sacrifices of his own to get his plan to work. "I'll treat, too. Get whatever you want." "Shit, really? Thanks, man!" Cody croaked with a grin and a friendly slap on Dylan's back. After Cody took a quick shower of his own and got dressed, the two of them jumped into their SUV and drove down the Big Tom's, a cozy little diner on the town's main street. "I'll have the Southern Sampler Deluxe, please," declared Cody to their waitress, a leathery old woman with a shock of grey hair. The Southern Sampler Deluxe was the largest thing on the menu. It included three buttermilk waffles, three slices of French toast topped with cream cheese, three sausage links or bacon strips, and a large pile of hash browns. The meal was also the most expensive thing on the menu, but Big Tom's was rather cheap, and Dylan wanted to start off Cody's weight gain with a bang. Dylan ate his own stack of pancakes slowly as he watched Cody power through his breakfast. It was like a play: In the first act, Dylan watched in awe as Cody devoured the waffles and sausages like he had not eaten in weeks. In the second act, Cody faltered slightly with the cream cheese and the thick French toast slices, but then found a second wind in the third act, by the end of which he was scraping the last of the hash browns onto his fork and into his mouth. "Oh man, that was good," Cody sighed as he wiped his hands with his napkin and stretched his arms across the top of his side of their booth, his expression satisfied and sleepy, his soft blue eyes twinkling below his lowered eyelids. There was a smudge of grease on his chin that glistened brightly under the diner's fluorescent lighting. "You sure you're done?" Dylan asked casually. "Oh yeah, I'm definitely done." Cody replied with a little chuckle. Dylan could see his friend's stuffed distended little belly shake under his white shirt as he laughed. "Now you need to finish," Cody added, nodding toward Dylan's plate, which still had one and a half of his three pancakes on it. Cody, being half Italian on his mother's side, was taught to always clean his plate, a rule which he still abided by to this day, and which he often forced Dylan and others to comply with as well. "Yeah, yeah," Dylan muttered as he took another bite, even though he was already full. The fluffy, syrupy taste of pancakes were something Dylan had not experienced in a long, long time. It was almost scary how good they tasted, and how much he missed unhealthy food. I'll just make a point to work out more, that's all, he thought was he swallowed. Throughout the rest of spring break, Dylan spent most of his time finding excuses to get Cody to eat. While Cody definitely seemed to notice the sudden abandonment of Dylan's usual strict dieting rules, Dylan was confident Cody remained oblivious to his true motive. In fact, Cody was absolutely elated that Dylan no longer objected to all the fast food restaurants Cody had always suggested they go to. Dylan began planning their days to maximize the amount of food he could get Cody to eat. Everyday they ate breakfast at Big Tom's, where Dylan would insist Cody order as much as possible. Dylan would then stop at the supermarket and pick up a few unhealthy snacks for Cody to eat. Then, at the apartment, he would routinely offer Cody the chips, cookies, pork rinds, pastries, and whatever else he had bought. "Why did you buy all this crap, anyway?" Cody asked one day as he unwrapped a Twinkie. "No reason," Dylan lied, burying his face in his laptop screen as he smiled to himself. To end each day, Dylan and Cody would try a new fast food joint. By the end of spring break, they had been to McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, KFC, and Taco Bell, and on the Sunday before the return to classes, they ordered a large Meat Lover's pizza from Pizza Hut. Dylan had anticipated having to contaminate his own diet a bit in order for his plan to work, but what he had not anticipated was how tempting junk food would be for him. Dylan had always had a lousy metabolism, and from a very young age, he had forced himself to adhere to a strict diet in order to keep in shape. It was a constant struggle to maintain his high school physique, and once college started, he had to come to terms with the fact that he could not have such a lean body for the rest of his life. Still, he had stuck faithfully with his strict diet until this particular spring break. Now that all these foods were coming into his life, he could not resist the urge to try some. He never ate as much as Cody, of course, and he promised himself he would exercise more, but he could not help but admit that junk food was delicious. "So, back to school tomorrow, huh?" Cody mumbled through a mouthful of pizza. "Guess so," Dylan replied before nodding down the hall towards a small cardboard box sitting on the floor next to Cody's bedroom door, "What'd your folks send you?" Cody swallowed a large mouthful of pizza before answering. "Dunno yet," he replied as he got up off the couch and walked down the short hall to the box, which he picked up and brought into his room. Dylan ate on his slice of pizza, savoring the greasy, meaty flavor as he listened to the sounds of packaging being ripped apart in Cody's room. "It's stuff from their trip to Vegas," Cody called, "figures they'd go somewhere fun while I'm stuck here... I got a t-shirt." "Nice," said Dylan after swallowing. He took another large bite of pizza and turned his attention to the local news. "I'm not sure it fits me," Cody added after a moment. "Lemme see," called Dylan. He heard lumbering footsteps come down the hall until Cody stepped into the room. It was a crimson-colored graphic t-shirt with a picture of the famous Las Vegas sign across the chest, and it most certainly did not fit him. The arm holes were tight around Cody's biceps, as sleeves usually were, given his musculature. The picture on the chest was distorted slightly as well, the shirt stretching across his broad, muscular upper body. However, the thing that interested Dylan the most was how the fabric of the shirt rippled as it hugged the soft, protruding belly Cody had developed in the past few days. Dylan was impressed. He did not realize how much Cody had grown in such a short amount of time. Apparently, Cody did not realize it, either. Although he looked supremely uncomfortable in the shirt, which was about two sizes too small for him, he seemed totally oblivious to the reason. "I'm not sure why is doesn't fit. I know it's the right size," Cody mumbled to himself as he turned to face the wall-mounted mirror. Dylan, now looking at Cody's back, noticed the shirt had ridden up slightly, exposing about an inch of thick, puffy-looking love handles that poked out over the waist of his jeans. "What do you think?" Cody asked, turning his head to look at Dylan. "Uuh," Dylan stammered, distracted by thoughts of Cody's soft midsection, "I-I think it looks great," he said. Cody smirked. "You think so?" he asked, looking down at himself. "Yeah, it fits fine," Dylan assured him. "Cool," Cody said, still smirking. He looked up again and gave Dylan a mysterious look in the eyes before returning to his room to change. ------------------------- Cody adjusted to his new, food-centric way of life quickly, and soon he began picking out his snacks himself. After classes resumed for the spring semester, he would devour two or three glazed donuts in the kitchen every morning before going to class. At dinner, when he and Dylan were not going through the McDonald's drive-thru, Cody started trying his hand at cooking. His grandmother had taught him the basics when he was young, but he had never bothered to actually put his skills into practice until now. "I dunno, I've just been thinking a lot about food lately," he told Dylan one night as he preheated the oven. "I bet you have," Dylan muttered under his breath as he watched his roommate swing his growing midsection around the kitchen as he prepared ingredients. Cody found he was a rather talented chef, and would make huge bowls of spaghetti and meatballs, creamy mac and cheese, and homemade French fries. He could even make lasagna if he had the time. Dylan knew it would be rude to decline tasting his best friend's creations, and so, with another promise to work out even harder, he allowed himself to indulge in Cody's home cooking whenever it was served. "You must really like my cooking, huh?" Cody beamed at Dylan from across the kitchen table one evening, having noticed the rather large pile of buttery mashed potatoes on his plate. Cody's blue eyes flashed excited at Dylan, who immediately felt embarrassed and guilty for eating so much. "Oh, yeah, dude, You're a really fuckin' good cook," Dylan replied. As horrible as he felt for eating it, he could not deny that Cody's cooking was absolutely delicious. "Thanks, bro," Cody said, a massive grinned forming on his wide, alabaster face. "I'll have to start making more, then." As weeks went by, Dylan began to feel like his plan was failing, primarily because no one seemed to notice Cody's weight gain. None of his and Cody's other friends had said anything about Cody's newfound girth, which Dylan suspected was out of courtesy, but what frustrated him as Cody's blissful ignorant to how big he was getting. And there was no denying that Cody was quickly approaching the threshold between "a little chunky" and "fat". Dylan had noticed Cody's wardrobe shifting; things that used to be baggy on him fit better now, and things that used to fit him well became noticeably tight. One day in March, Dylan discovered that some of Cody's shirts had become so small on him that his lower belly or his love handles were starting to show, something that made him so intensely excited that he found himself with a boner. Dylan would wait in anticipation every morning to see what Cody was going to wear that day. Some days, he wore things that fit him fairly well, but other days, Dylan was left to wonder how Cody had managed to put the clothes on in the first place, leaving him both perplexed and erect. "Somethin' wrong, man?" Cody asked one morning in late May. He had just entered the kitchen wearing blue jeans and the infamous red Las Vegas t-shirt, and found Dylan staring at him. The pants were obviously too small, causing Cody's love handles to poke out above the waist. The shirt too was so small that Cody's sizable gut was accentuated perfectly in it, the fabric stretched snugly about the widest part of his belly. As Cody stood there in the kitchen, Dylan saw that the bottom of his shirt had ridden up slightly, revealing the faintest hint of soft skin. Dylan felt his cock tingle as he continued to stare. Cody repeated his question louder, finally rousing Dylan from his trance. "Wha-Uh, no, man," Dylan stammered, tearing his eyes away from the spherical, blubbery mass protruding from his friend's abdomen, "just kinda tired still". However, as soon as Cody turned his back to face and counter and fix himself a plate for breakfast, Dylan went back to staring. His eyes traveled traveled from Cody's pudgy love handles spilling out of his pants, to his wide, meaty ass protruding from his backside, to his massive thighs held prisoner by the blue denim. Dylan shifted in his chair as his erection grew. Popping a boner became a regular occurrence whenever he was in Cody's presence, but Dylan had decided weeks ago not to think about why. After Cody sat down at the table with his plate of three donuts, he struck up a conversation about school, but Dylan's mind was on autopilot. Although most of his new weight was centered squarely on his midsection, Dylan had begun to notice his other boy parts filling out as well. His ass, which had always been flat, was starting to bulge. His legs where getting larger as well, and his pecs where quickly turning into fat, juicy man tits. Dylan looked up at Cody's face, barely listening to him recount a funny story from his Physics class. His cheeks are slightly fuller, and while his jaw was still very defined, a double chin was beginning to form under his first one. Cody laughed as he arrived at the punchline, and Dylan let out a fake laugh to match the intensity of his friend's. Dylan could not believe that Cody, a guy who used to have eight-pack abs, now sat at the table across from him, a paunchy ex-jock, an ever-growing ball gut attached to his midsection. He must know who fat h is, Dylan thought to himself, there's no way he doesn't notice a difference. Dylan was so lost in thought that the sudden clattering noise that rang through the kitchen at that moment nearly caused him to jump out of his chair. "Fuck!" Cody shouted as he stood up. After scanning the scene, Dylan pieced together that Cody had knocked over his coffee cup and spilled the steamy liquid over the table. "I got it," said Dylan, suddenly very alert from being startled, as he reached over the table and began soaking the small brown puddle up with his napkin. There was not a lot of coffee left in the cup, so cleanup was simple. "Aw shit," Cody hissed as Dylan threw the sopping wet napkins into the garbage. Dylan turned to see a big brownish stain on Cody's red shirt. "The first fuckin' time I wear it, too!" he growled as he reached for the shirt's collar and began to pull the garment off. Dylan had yet to see Cody shirtless since he had gained so much weight. If he looked big with a shirt on, he looked positively enormous without. Cody's entire frame was much wider and rounder than Dylan remembered. While his arms and shoulders still retained the vague shape of his musculature underneath, a soft layer of fat now made them larger and soft. Cody's chest, as Dylan had predicted, now consisted of two man tits; large mounds of jiggly flesh topped with small, pinkish nipples. His belly was huge, protruding, and very round, and his naval looked especially deep. There was a light sprinkling of dark body hair in the center of his chest and directly under his belly button that draw the eye down his fat, soft midsection toward his crotch. Dylan was amazed. He felt the urge to grab hold Cody's new belly. He wanted to know just how soft and jiggly it felt in his hands. He wanted to slap in and watch it jiggle. He wanted to press himself against it. "Guess I gotta change," Cody sighed, inadvertently breaking Dylan from yet another trance. "You could just go shirtless for the day, if you wanted," Dylan blurted out, and Cody laughed. Dylan watched his nipples bounce slightly as his chest heaved. Cody then gave Dylan another mysterious look, and his lips curved into another mischievous-looking grin. However, before Dylan had the chance to asking him why he was smiling, Cody spoke again. "I'll be right back," he said as he turned and headed toward his room, still smiling. Dylan watched his room mate's ass sway as he walked away, the denim pulled tight, accentuating each cheek, as well are the cavernous crack in between. "Damn," Dylan breathed to himself after Cody's bedroom door closed. Dylan was suddenly very aware of a dull pain in his crotch, and he realized his erection was so hard and intense his penis actually hurt from being trapped inside his dark-wash jeans. He grabbed his cock and, without thinking, hurried into the bathroom. He slammed the door shut, locked it, and began unbuttoning his pants as he made hi way over to the toilet. He pulled his jeans own around his ankles and sat down, his cock throbbing and his ass cold against the icy toilet seat. He grabbed his cock in his right hand, gripped the sink counter to his left with his other hand, and began stroking. He could not remember the last time his cock was so hard, nor the last time masturbation felt so good. There was suddenly a knock on the door. "Hey, bro, you alright? We gotta leave soon," Cody called from behind the door. "Yeah," Dylan called, short of breath, "I'll be right out". He closed his eye and pictured Cody's massive, blubbery gut, his deep navel, his jiggly tits, the strained button of his jeans. He came, harder and longer then he ever had before. Semen streaming from his cock as he suppressed a desire to moan. Dylan stayed on the toilet seat, panting and gripping hi cock, until his mind returned to normal, and he remembered he had to go to class. He quickly cleaned his mess and exited the bathroom, where he found Cody, wearing a green t-shirt that fit him more appropriately, waiting by the front door. "You had to jack off real quick or somethin'?" Cody asked as Dylan lifted his backpack onto his shoulder. Dylan let out a fake life, but when he turned to face Cody, he was giving his mysterious look. Dylan stopped laughing, and Cody grinned. "C'mon. We're already late". As the two friends climbed into their Ford Escape and drove to campus, Dylan wondered if Cody actually knew he was masturbating, or if he was just making a joke. Either way, he found himself staring at Cody's belly, and he got an erection once again. ------------------------- Seeing Cody's new, fatter body in all its glory had effectively mesmerized Dylan for the remaining weeks of the spring semester. He found himself not paying attention in class, daydreaming about Cody. He was constantly picturing the same image of Cody's gut in his mind, wondering what it would feel like to touch it, rub it, poke it, or slap it. Dylan was also pleased to see Cody had finally taken back complete control of his diet. Like a dog trained to do a trick, Cody appeared to be trained to only eat unhealthy, fattening foods. Cody was now voluntarily stuffing his face every day and night with hearty, home cooked meals, greasy fast food, and sugary pastries. Dylan on the other hand had developed a cyclical routine where he would spend the entire day thinking about or observing Cody's thick, beefy body, and then stay up half the night pleasuring himself to the mental photographs he had taken. By the last day of regular classes, Cody's belly was roughly the size of a beach ball, and stuck out so far in front of him that it strained the buttons of every single pair of jeans he owned. None of his shirts could contain his beefy, manly body, either, and his underbelly and love handles were almost constantly visible as his shirt would ride up. Dylan was content with Cody's progress, but a nagging thought stayed in the back of his mind that perplexed him: how has Cody remained so oblivious to his weight gain this whole time? On the last day of exams, Dylan and Cody took the same test together. However, Dylan finished much earlier, and a friend dropped him off at the apartment while Cody finished his work. After exams Dylan and Cody planned to go to a party at a friend's condo with a pool and celebrate the end of the semester. Alone, Dylan paced the apartment. He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab a beer, but the thought of any food or drink immediately brought his mind back to Cody, and by the time he had taken his first swig from the glass bottle, he was already partially erect, envisioning Cody's round, shirtless belly for the millionth time in his head. Dylan sighed as he plopped down on the suede couch in the living room. As he stroked his cock absent-mindedly through his jeans, he looked out the window beside the front door. The weather had gotten much warmer in the Midwest since spring break, and many students were having barbecues and pool parties at their apartments now that summer was upon them. Dylan took a second swig of beer and squeezed his cock slightly. As he set the bottle down on the end table, began to think about how much his little "plan" had changed Cody, and himself, and their friendship. However, Dylan's mind was torn from his thoughts as he heard the doorknob be jostled open and Cody came lumbering into the room, a huge grin on his face. "Finished!" he declared as he shut the door. "Nice, man," Dylan responded, quickly taking his hand off his cock, "How'd you do?" "Dunno," Cody shrugged as he crossed in front of Dylan and into the kitchen, "don't care, either. Just glad it's over." "Yeah," agreed Dylan, "so does Johnny want us to bring anything tonight?" "Dunno," Cody said again as he opened his box of donuts and the donuts and selected one. "Well, what do you know then?" Dylan said playfully, his erection having subsided enough for him to stand without it being noticeable. "What I know is that I'm fucking starving," Cody declared, his mouth full of his first donut and his pudgy fingers grabbing another one from the box beside him on the counter. "I can see that," Dylan said, trying in vein to prevent his erection from coming back. "Y'know," Cody said, his mouth full once again, "we should go soon. The party starts in like twenty minutes." "Yeah, we gotta change though," added Dylan, who turned hi back to Cody to hide his erection. "Let's do it, then," Cody bellowed after swallowing the second donut whole. The two friends both went down the hall off the kitchen and into their respective bedrooms. Alone, Dylan walked over to his dresser and pulled his red swim trunks out from the top drawer. His erection still throbbing, he took off his pants and beat off to the thought of Cody once again before changing into his trunk. However, as he pulled them on, he could tell he had gotten bigger since last summer. The trunks were rather tight around his waist, and there was significantly less room for his ass and thighs. I guess that makes sense, Dylan thought to himself as his adjusted the netting to make it more comfortable, I have been eating Cody's healthy food all semester. Just then, Dylan heard Cody's door open, followed by the heavy footsteps of his best friend, which stopped in front of Dylan's door. "Hey," Cody said from behind the door, "you ready?" "Yeah," called Dylan. He walked over to his door and opened it to find Cody stuffed into a pair of turquoise board shorts that were much too small for him. His trunks looked like an uncomfortable second skin around Cody's thighs and crotch. The narrow waist forced his loved handles to spill over and his massive belly to stick out even farther than usual. His gut hung over slightly, obscuring the knot of the drawstring. Dylan immediately felt his erection come back as his watched Cody's ass swaying in front of him as we walked back into the kitchen behind his friend. Suddenly, Cody turned around to face Dylan, the familiar, mysterious look on his face. "What?" Dylan asked, confused. "I was just wondering, man," Cody said, looking Dylan up and down, "when did I get so damn fat?" ------------------------- "You-you noticed?" Dylan muttered after a shocked moment of silence. "Of course I noticed, I'm fuckin' huge!" Cody bellowed before giving himself a firm smack on the side of his gut. He gave Dylan the mysterious look once again, and Dylan understood. Dylan reached out and grabbed a handful of Cody's belly. It was just as Dylan had imagined; warm, soft, and blubbery. "I tried so hard to fatten you up with all the fast food and shit this semester," Dylan said quietly, sliding his hand across Cody's belly, rubbing it in rhythmic, circular strokes. "I know," said Cody, standing still as Dylan's hands continues to travel across his soft midsection, "I known from the very beginning. I didn't say anything because I had a plan of my own." "Oh yeah?" Dylan said absent-mindedly, still rubbing his friend's belly, his erection throbbing incessantly in his board shorts "what was your plan?" Cody raised his hand and stuck hi chubby finger slowly into Dylan's naval with his chubby finger. Dylan stopped oving his hands and looked up at Cody. He looked into Cody's eyes, who stared back with a cocky smirk on his face. "You're so uptight all the time, man," Cody whispered, "I wanted to show you that it's not the end of the world to let yourself go." Cody then nodded in the direction of the large, wall-mounted mirror opposite the front door, and the pair walked slowly over to it. "You first, man," Cody said, and Dylan stepped in front of the mirror to face his reflection. It was like seeing himself for the first time. His pecs looked swollen, his arms looked softer than he remembered, and a faint hint of of a double chin was forming under his face. While the shapes of defined muscle still shown through the skin on some parts of his body, he was noticeably fatter than he had ever been in his face. But, what really caused Dylan's heart to race was the soft, doughy paunch that stuck out from his midsection. Dylan slowly turned at the waist to view his stomach at other angles, memorized by its size. While definitely still smaller than Cody, Dylan was obviously, undeniably, fat. He had been so focused on Cody's body that, for the first time since childhood, he had neglected to pay attention to his own. Cody then raised a hand and placed it on Dylan's belly, causing him to tense up. "Relax,' Cody cooed as he leaned into Dylan's ear, "don't suck it in". Cody began rubbing Dylan's belly in slow, rhythmic circles, and Dylan, his cock ready to blow, allowed himself to relax his core, and his belly became a bit larger, wider, and more jiggly. "That's it,' Cody breathed into Dylan's ear, still rubbing his belly, "lemme see what a fat fuckin' pig you turned into." "Fuck, man," Dylan whispered. He turned, caressed the side of Cody's neck, and leaned in for a kiss. As their paunches pressed together, Cody's hand traveled to Dylan's crotch. Dylan could taste the remnants of glaze from the donuts on Cody's lips, and brought his hand down and smacked the side of his belly. "You're so fuckin' fat, bro," Dylan said once the two had broken their kiss, pressing their foreheads together. Cody chuckled. "Face it, man," he said, giving Dylan a reciprocal belly slap, "we're both fuckin' fat." "You're still fatter than me, big guy," Dylan whispered, fighting the urge to cum as he reached down and grabbed a thick handful of Cody's soft, warm underbelly. They kissed again "Yeah, well" grunted Cody after their kiss broke again, "I've only just started on you, buddy." He reached around and pinched Dylan's ass cheek, "you're gonna be a prize hog when I'm done with you, fatboy." Dylan felt as though his heart was going to burst as Cody grabbed his shoulders, turned him around, and pressed himself into Dylan's back. In the mirror, Dylan watched as Cody's hands reached around and pinched his nipples. "We're not goin' to that party, fatboy," Cody growled in Dylan's ear as his hands traveled down and he began rubbing Dylan's belly, slapping into intermittently, "we're gonna stay here and I'm gonna feed you every single piece of food in this fuckin' apartment." "Yeah?" Dylan breathed, now hyper-aware of his belly's size, and finding it uncontrollably erotic. "Yeah," Cody went on, his hands moving from Dylan's belly to his crotch as he pressed his own crotch into Dylan's ass, "then I'm gonna fuck to shit outta you." He began gyrating on Dylan, "then you're gonna fuck me, then we're gonna go out and buy more food and do it all over again." "Fuck," Dylan gasped. "'Fuck' is right, fatboy," Cody growled into Dylan's ear, "now, let's get started."
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4 onegaduckey3   (2016-05-30 18:12:05) [Eintrag]
Chapter 2-20 please smile

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Chapter 2 please!!!!!!

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Very Hot!! We need a chapter 2! 
Cody needs huuge round midsection!

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Holy shit man, that was so hot. Just try to break up your paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Can't wait for chapter 2!

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