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Trailer 3

I've gotten fuckin huge over that last few years livin with joe I'm well over 400lbs of fat, dirty, tattooed, white trash.

i grunted as a heaved my fat ass back into the truck, which was startin to feel pretty damn small now, loaded up with enough greasy fast food to stuff an entire football team silly.

i loved drivin shirtless, cig in my mouth lettin my fat arm hang out the window, feelin my massive gut and tits bounce with every bump.

as i pulled up to the trailer, i rolled myself out of the truck and hitched up my filthy jeans up over my dirty ass, gut hangin down so low i covered the strained leather belt that just barley fit around my flab. i waddled in laden with all the food for our 2nd dinner, god i loved the stench of my home, the B/O mixed with the stink of stale cigarettes.

i waddled back to the bed room where joe was, it had been almost 8 months since he'd been able to get out of bed, and there he was, all 900+ pounds, smokin his cig, layin naked on the king size mattress, damn near enveloping the whole thing under his girth. his greasy gray hair reaching all the way to his mountain of an ass, his food stained beard reachin down to his hairy man tits each one probably weighed 100lbs a piece. he stank of B/O, piss, and old smoke.

"damn bub, 'bout time I'm waistin away over here". he said grabbing some of his ample fat.

i plopped my own fat ass down next to his and we dug in to all the delicious greasy food.

we had become total hogs, all we did was eat, sleep, and fuck, all while living in our own filth.

with in no time we had devoured over 150$ worth of food and beer in one sitting.

we each let out a deafening belch.

"mmmm… damn bub after a meal like that i could use a good fuckin"

"fuck yeah, thought you'd never ask"

i climbed on top of him like a mountain, and started sucking on his massive tits, they were all sweaty and hairy, and huge
i swear with all the sweat and grease makin his body all slimy it was almost like he was lactating some sweet salty man milk.

joes cock had been completely buried in his fat ages ago but he had plenty of nasty ass to spare.

"HHHRRRMMMMPPP" joe grunted loudly as he rolled his massive bulk over, pretty much the only moving he ever did anymore, exposing his massive ass crack. when he rolled over the stink that was released was intoxicating like a powerful pheromone. it stunk of the piss and B/O, he'd been laying in all day. the mattress which had only been white for about 2 minuets was yellow but under Joe with all his filth it had been stained brown with all the, piss, shit, and sweat.

i stuck my hands down his massive hairy sweaty crack, spreading his cheeks wide open. his gut was so big i was standing up to get my dick in, with his ass spread open, i lifted my own fat flap up hiding my own cock, and shoved it into his slimy ass hole.

as i fucked him, pounding his slimy hole with my nasty cock, each stroke made us jiggle and wobble in unison, like one mound of greasy fat slob

i watched over his greasy mane and back hair over his fat shoulders and watched as he grabbed a family size bag of cheetoes and started eating as i fuck him.

that just made me all the harder

after he finished the whole bag, i pumped him even harder, i felt his ass hole spazem as he came into all of his fat folds, and it slowly oozed out from under his massive gut. i came shooting wave after wave into him.

after i came, my dick still hard, i started to piss into his already nasty hole.

as i pulled out Joe rolled back over onto his wide back

"fuck boy, i love it when you fill up my hole with that white hot piss after you cum"

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